Club Life Magazine

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Design & Production of Clubs NSW’s monthly magazine Club Life.

About the project

Clubs NSW is a representative body providing news, promotions and events for registered clubs in NSW. Since 2009 Tonic Connective have art directed and produced Clubs NSW’s monthly magazine Club Life. Tonic Connective’s services have included; Art direction, design, production and finished art.

“From record covers to road signs, posters to packaging, or magazines through to something more mustered, graphics and typography touch every area of our lives. At Tonic Connective, it’s not about redefining the rules of design, but rather that the core elements of great design effectively resonate with our 21st-century visual culture. We live in a design world, where everything is designed…only difference is, you’re in control when Tonic Connective is in the driver’s seat.”

Olivier Björksäter-Bleylock – Editor, Club Life Magazine