Newsletters – Back to the Future

Newsletters are an ideal medium to highlight your successes in a positive case study format. They are also beneficial to keep your brand front of mind with both your clients and potential new clients.

The advent of the internet and email marketing software has seen a proliferation of eNewsletters which unfortunately has added to the daily bombardment of our email inboxes and sadly some clients are quick on the delete trigger-finger these days. Open rates can be improved with a catchy subject line and an impactful hero image also try sending them out at 10am on a Tuesday, statistically this is the best time for open rates across the board.

Alternatively consider producing a printed newsletter and distributing via mail, having something tactile to touch and interact with in one’s hands just like printed catalogues which have been around for over hundreds of years, incidentally the fist ever catalogue was published by Aldus Pius Manutius in Venice in 1498.

Perhaps it’s time to go back to the future?

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