The Importance of Visual Brand Identity

In today’s cluttered business world you need your company to visually stand out more than ever to assist in the sales conversion process and build brand loyalty.

The competition in the marketplace is intense, I have had new clients come to us who told of having significantly lower prices in their submitted tenders but having missed out on the projects. Why? One look at their existing visual brand identity was enough to identify the major contributing factor. Some of them had not evolved since they first launched their company over 2 decades earlier. Some had logos ‘designed’ by their founder, others used atrocious typography in their identities.

By placing significant importance on your company’s visual brand identity you will automatically be taken seriously by your potential clients. If you don’t care about your professional styling why should your target market care about spending their hard-earned with you? Having your brand distinguishable from your competitors is crucial, it also needs to be memorable.

Use of strong colours, icons and typography and ensuring your brand identity it is consistent across all mediums that you interface with your clients including print, digitally, web and social, motion graphics through to your workplace environment design and layout will be a huge step in placing you in good steed to win work.

By utilising a professional design agency you will take advantage of their collective years of knowledge. They will research your industry, competitors and ask questions about your target market and positioning strategy it will also serve to ensure you have a unique identity, not a shared one from the cheap design platforms available today

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