Crafting a Truly Great Annual Report

Annual report design for Mortgage House

Over the years I have experienced clients taking their holidays when it’s time for them to organise their annual report, such was their angst at the task. The process doesn’t need to be so arduous. There is a set formula to follow for annual reports to be compliant for corporate governance. Be they Publicly Listed, State or Federal Government Agencies, NFP, Club or Sporting Organisations. A list is available from ASIC and the ASX. If you are compiling your first report you need to delegate duties to the various stakeholders including accountants to gather the required information and set them a deadline to do so.

To make your report truly effective and much more than a statutory lodgement document you might look to develop a theme or a concept for it. For example, if you were to go with a theme of Innovation you could gather some key case studies or highlights from the year that showcase the innovation of the organisation. You should work with an experienced copywriter and a photographer to bring these stories to life. Your copywriter can also assist with the Chairman, Ceo’s and Managing Director’s letters as well as helping you with any copy that might be giving you trouble.

Crafting the report into a visually dynamic and appealing format is the role of a design agency. They will take the raw content and excel files and turn it into a work of art by the use of stunning typography, break-out quotes and infographics. They will also introduce white space where required as not to overwhelm the reader with text. Selecting sharp and vivid images and interesting board member photoshoots will also lift your report and win you praise from your stakeholders. You may even want to consider inserting a video of the Chairman’s message into your interactive version as videos will lift engagement considerably.

At Tonic Connective we have carved a niche for annual report design and production in Australia winning several government annual report design awards in the process. We have worked with some of Australia’s largest and smallest reporting organisations and we would love the opportunity to quote on your Annual Report this year.


Your Annual Report is your most important connection to your share and stakeholders. Contact us today and let us help you craft your Annual Report into your engaging story.

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